Act 4: Blood for Blood


Roy Lezbin: Mayor and founder of Taztlford. Married to Patricia.

Patricia Lezbin: Architect and founder of Tatzlford. Married to Roy.

Lord Terrion Numesti Co-Founder of Fort Drelev. Noble from the Drelev Demesne. Father to Tamary Numesti and adoptive father of Kressle Numesti.

Ameon Trask : Cohort and captain of the guard for Dhimitri Drelev.

Armag the Twice-Born Not encountered yet.

Sepoko: Boggard cleric and high priest to Gogunta, the boggard goddess of filth and the swamp. Leader of M’Botuu.

Windchaser: Awakened horse.

Gask Sutton: The druid and high priest to Erastil; head of the church in Fort Drelev. Angered after his clerics were killed by Dhimitri Drelev and his church was burned down.

Baron Dhimitri Drelev: Dhimitri Drelev comes across as a sullen, greedy, conceited man, never satisf ied with his lot in life, but always disdainful of anyone who has less than him. Though primarily skilled at politics, the baron fancies himself a skilled swordsman, destined to follow in the footsteps of the Aldori swordlords. He loves dueling and often spars against his own guardsmen and senior off icers. He likes to show off, taunting and belittling those he overpowers, but reacts angrily to situations where others get the best of him. Baron Drelev founded the town alongside Lord Terrion Numesti, but when Pitaxian forces attacked, Drelev took the opportunity to eliminate any opposition to his scheming and imprisoned Terrion.

Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev: Baroness Pavetta Stroon-Drelev is a creature devoted to excess and comfort, and her bedchamber reflects her personality in every way. Long beforeDrelev was chosen to lead a colonization attempt of the Slough, she was a master of the game of social politics and uite enjoyed life in Brevoy. Originally, she balked at the idea of joining him in the gods-forsaken frontier. But since arriving, Pavetta has discovered the pleasing
advantages of holding the highest social stature of anyone within hundreds of miles. She enjoys lording over the simple folk of the Drelev Demesne and now grows agitated over the possibility of losing control of the region to the barbaric warlord, Armag. Baroness Pavetta has made her wishes well known to her husband but senses he’s too weak to know how to handle the Tiger Lords. Recently, she encouraged the baron to contact her brother, Imeckus Stroon, a powerful and well-traveled wizard. She hopes to use Imeckus’s arcane skills to undo her husband’s mess for him. But now that Drelev has shown such an eye for the pretty young Lady Quintessa, the baroness has quietly encouraged her brother to find the means to “accidentally” do away with her.

Sir Imeckus Stroon: Stroon, At his sister’s invitation, he journeyed to the Stolen Lands to help the Drelevs against the Tiger Lords. For now, he only casts daily scrying spells to,follow Armag’s activities in the hills as part of the baron’s strategy of letting the horrors of the burial site claim the warlord first. The skilled wizard brings a level of organization and structure to every task he undertakes. Very detailed and analytical, he speaks softly and listens carefully. Like his sister, Stroon also enjoys the f iner things in life, frequently relying on his magic to conjure or provide them. But having traveled widely, he also knows how to bear temporary inconveniences while treading a path to greater gain.

“Lady” Quintessa Moray: Lady Quintessa Moray is Baron Drelev’s lover and a spy from the Venucci state of Sicorlia. She’s used her natural talents to convince Baron Drelev that she’s a poor, exiled noblewoman from Steiermark in need of shelter. Since moving into Drelev Keep, she has maneuvered to become his mistress—a fact that sits none too well with Baroness Pavetta. Drelev often uses the secret passage between their rooms to visit her at night. And it has become clear to everyone that even during the day, the baron dotes on her far more than a married man should.

Madam Satinder Morne: A beautiful woman dressed better than anyone else in town, Satinder Morne exudes a sense of confidence, bravado, and charm in all she does. She rarely lets her temper
show, always smiling and waiting until she has the upper hand on an enemy before releasing her anger and savoring the sweetness of Calistria’s revenge. This trait has served her well of late, as her current clientele are growing increasingly hard to manage and control.

Act 1: Stolen Land

Oleg Leveton: All Oleg ever wanted to do was get a house far away enough from civilization to avoid its sins but close enough to avoid its benefits. He got neither.

Svetlana Leveton: Warm, kindly, and populistic.

Kressle Numesti: Formerly a bandit working for the Stag Lord, Kressle was sent packing with a goal to reform herself at the whims of Argent. She found a foster father in the form of Terrion Numesti, and has tried to reconstruct herself as a ‘noblewoman’. She has failed in all but appearances, and is greatly frustrated by her new lifestyle. The only facet that she has thus far enjoyed is the new familial relationships and the stability it brings. Kressle lived in Fort Drelev for some time under her ‘father’ Terrion and Dhimitri Drelev’s combined rule. Kressle fled to Tazlford when Baron Drelev became a vassal of Pitax and attacked Tatzlford.

Jhod Kavken: Jhod appeared on the scene to offer his services as a traveling cleric. Jhod has been all but excommunicated from the priesthood after he helped form a lynch mob against a traveler his home village thought was a werewolf responsible for several recent killings. Only a few hours after they lynched the man, the true killer was caught by a hunter and revealed to be nothing more sinister than a particularly wily worg. An investigation by the church of Erastil followed, and they found Jhod’s involvement in the village’s overly aggressive pursuit of the traveler’s lynching to be actionable. Only the fact that the traveler happened to be a bandit spy sent to town to look the place over (a fact that Jhod discovered only after the man was executed and his belongings were searched) kept the church from fully excommunicating the priest—and even then, only if he accepted exile. And so Jhod traveled from his home in Galt up the Sellen and into Numeria. From there, his wanderings eventually brought him east into Brevoy, where he had a particularly vivid dream about an overgrown temple of Erastil guarded by a huge, angry bear. Upon waking from the dream, Jhod felt an irresistible tug to the south, and realized that Erastil had given him a chance to redeem himself. The tugging led Jhod to Oleg’s Trading Post, but there it stopped—and soon after he learned about
the party and their charter from Svetlana.

Bokken: Local eccentric and potionmaker extrordinare. The Greenbelt is a dangerous place (not unlike the rest of the Stolen Lands) but safe enough for him. He still hopes someone will track down his murderous brother, an evil druid whose name must ‘not be spoken’.

Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash: Never encontered.

Grabbles & Tickleback: Grabbles the Mite and his giant beetle companion Tickleback are an inseperable team. Deemed too ‘kind’ by the rest of the mites, Grabbles was exiled – and lived the life of a wandered until he met the PCs. He was accepted as a scout, but he disappeared into the forest some time later.

Davik Nettles: Slain by the Stag Lord, Davik became a haunting ghost who killed any near the river Sellen. That is, until the players slew the Stag Lord and put his soul to rest.

Chief Sootscale: When the Olberrians first met Chief Sootscale, he was a capricious and cruel kobold who was being ruled over by “Tartuk,” a malignant kobold bent on destroying his tribe. He was also at war with the mites.
Not much is different – thogh Sootscale is now captain of the guard in Olegia and his kobolds have all but assimilated with the populace.

Tartuk: An evil gnome who was reincarnated as a Kobold. Sword to kill all kobolds. Slain by the party, reincarnated as a Will O’ Wisp.

Akiros Ismort: This paladin to Bahamut (or Iomedae) tries his best to be the incarnation of justice and valor. He just doesn’t know how. Without any good role models as a youth in Brevoy, he eventually became a ‘self-taught’ paladin, reading works of literature, listening to storytellers and clerics’ prognostications and eventually teaching himself swordplay. He was the General for a time but is now the Warden, captain of the guards across Olberria.

Davion from Spandau: Dovan himself is a mystery dark, tattooed figure with an obvious taste for
pain and cruelty. He claims to come from the League of Iron – specifically the city-state of Spandau. In reality, he comes from Ussaria, where he grew up amid the horrors of the Widow’s Boudoir in Caliphas, a brothel that specialized in mixing sexual fantasies with murder. When he discovered that he was on the menu for a particularly violent evening, Dovan gathered his things and quietly fled town, spending the next several months enjoying all the decadences and freedoms the League of Iron had to offer. He now rules as the Mayor of Olegia, luxuraiting in concubines and consorts while overseeing the town’s growth.

The Stag Lord: Formerly known as Baron von Cuddlesworth. Formerly a great hero, the Stag Lord fell into depression and discontent for reasons unknown, eventually spurred on by a mytserious female who gave him a lock of hair. “She” spoke with a thousand voices, and goaded him to greater things such as forging his own bandit empire. Disappeared in a cloud of autumn leaves when slain.

Act 2: Rivers Run Red

Malgozorga: Leader of a cult to Gyronna, the Hag Goddess. Attacked and presumed dead after trying to overthrow the kingdom in a violent coup. Several cultists escaped, swearing revenge.

Tiressa: Dryad druid who was being menaced by an evil Scythe Tree in the southwest forest. With her centaur consort Falchos’s assistance, Tiressa convinced the Council to destroy the tree in return for her pathfinding assistance.

*Melianse *the Pixie: Pixie with a fundamentalist view on nature. Attempted to hold up a logging operation after the loggers attempted to cut down “her” trees. Recruited to be the Minister of Forestation and Deforestaton by Argent.

*Corax *: Angry and surly, but loyal – chief of logging.

*Jubilost *Narthropple: Gnomish entrepreneur and merchant. Saved by the Council and founded a magic item shop in town along with his clan of gnomish expatriates. Hates Oster.

The Mad Hermit: The evil druid brother of Old Bokken. Slain by the Council for attacking villagers.

The Old Belame: Magic potion and wand-crafter. Also known as the Swamp Witch. Crotchety woman who myseriously lay with Wilf the Rat.

The Candlemere Spirits: Eons ago, Julians tried to settle the Stolen Lands. This failed when a mysterious power drove them insane and caused them to kill each other. their Ghosts on Lake Candlemere were put to rest by the Council.

Munguk: Never encountered.

The Dancing Lady: A mysterious statue of an Eldarin female, the Dancing Lady claimed to represent an alien, unknowable royal court – not of the elves or eladrin, but of the alien and fey First World.

Vesket, the Lizard King: King of the lizardfolk. Slain by the Council.

Hargulka: Spurred on by some unknown and alien force and a lock of hair, Hargulka the troll gathered up a huge number of trolls and attacked the city. Slain alongside his fellow kin by the PCs.

*Dak *the Owlbear: Colossal owlbear tamed by the players. His friend and handler was given a fake ring of Bestial Frienship by an unknown source; the ring, in actuality, caused the wearers to fly into a berserker rage (which in turn forced Dak to kill his handler.) Dak was on a murderous killing spree until the Council freed him and recruited him.

Act 3: The Varnhold Vanishing

Vordakai: In the ancient Cyclopean empire of Iblydos, Vordakai was the king of kings. He ruled over large portions of Iblydos with an iron fist – until his own minions sealed him in his tomb during a routine inspection.
Vordakai, however, was not so easily slain. He was a Deathless Lich – Deathless Liches, while lacking a phylactery, are nonetheless fearsome and immune to the effects of aging.

However, when a treasure hunter from Varnhold found his tomb, Vordakai and the ancient seals that kept him were freed. Vordakai let the hunter go, but only to let him lead Vordakai and his zombie cyclops followers to the town of Varnhold.

Vordakai, eager to reconquer the world, abducted with villagers with his Oculus of Abbadon, and began horrific experiments on many of them in order to increase the knowledge of the world.

Eventually, this was his undoing, as the council arrived and slew him, ending his 9,000 year long existence.

Maegar Varn: The founder and king of Varnhold, Maegar was slain by Vordakai.

Maestro Avril Pendrod: An intelligent and absent-minded scholar from Miquelon. Pendrod was brought in to examine the various relics that the treasure hunter found. Alive and well.

Aecora Silverfire: Matriarch and Warchief of the Nomen Centaurs. Made a deal with the council and now treads the northern plains of Olberria.

Split Acorn: The impetuous and impatient daughter of Aecora Silverfire.


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