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The Kingmaker Campaign


An exhaustive list of NPCs of note.

Poised to tear itself apart, a nation must find its own way

The League of Iron
Laws and alliances shift like the sands

Stolen Lands
A realm to be tamed

Creating a Kingdom
Condensed rules on how to found a nation.

Running a Kingdom
Running a nation

Most rules available to be built in one’s kingdom.

Hesperia Universalis Campaign Setting

New mechanics that actually effect the game.


The planet of Aio stands as one of many glimmering worlds that make up the Material plane.


The Planes
Information on the cosmology of the planet and setting.

The Aventine Hierarchy and Religions
One of the largest forces in Hesperia, the Aventine Hierarchy has fallen on hard times.


Secret Societies
Every society has its secrets.

Aio is home to several races that do not appear often elsewhere, containing an overview and links to particular races. This listing includes information on the common races as well as new races such as Ratkin, Goliaths, Eladrin, Tieflings, Deva, Bastati, Kajar, and Dragonborn.

Great Powers
A short overview of the large nations that make up Aio.

Character Concepts
No ideas? No problem!

Main Page

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