The Kajar are not a race born, but made. An act of splendid genesis forced them into existence to repopulate the dying hobgoblin race, but the Kajar have done anything but accept their fate. They are the most determined race on Aio and have ambitions far beyond the race’s original purpose.

Physical Description

Kajar are notably taller than many mortal races – but they were not originally of such stature. Kajar have adopted a vehement breeding program, selecting only the best traits and engaging in various forms of biomancy, fleshcrafting, and genetic research in order to “best” propagate their race. Kajar have pointed, sharp, and hostile faces, with heavy ridges and pointed ears that betray their goblinoid heritage. They often dress in exotic cloaks and have no compunctions against wearing armor beneath such cloaks. Many would call them gaunt, but they prefer the term lithe.

Kajar refers to either the original pureblooded Kajar that were created by the Genesis Engine or alternatively the result of Kajar interbreeding with goblinoid races.


Kajar are insular and at times almost hateful of other races. They are intent on uniting the goblinoid races of Hesperia and turning them into a noble, proud nation – not unlike their original “design.” However, they are also cunning and brutal, valuing the self and personal progression very highly. The weak are often tread upon or used as slave labor while the strong become stronger. Kajar inherently value expansion and centralization in their socieies, viewing tribalism and factionalism (as tempting as they are) as the key to a rapid downfall.

More than any other race, however, the Kajar recognize their own abilities. Their greatest value is self-improvement; the ability to rise above and beyond the expectations of their races (to become, say, a paladin or cleric of good) is incredibly valued.


Kajar do not get along with any one race in particular, though they have fondness for their goblinoid cousins such as bugbears, hobgoblins, and goblins. They often elimiate or subsume goblinoid settlements, ‘recruiting’ them into Kajar society where the normally savage and cruel goblinoid races quickly become civilized, cold, and cruel. Kajar cities are places of political intrigue, where everyone is looking for more power and personal advancement.

Kajar have an intense and unrelenting hatred for small races such as dwarves, gnomes, and halflings – but they will generally hold their hand, knowing they would rarely fare well in a straight fight with halflings or dwarves or a test of wits with a gnome.

Alignment and Religion

Kajar worship uh gods


Kajar value advancement above all else. Improving oneself through study or training, improving one’s race through biomancy, improving one’s personal holdings – and of course, all of these values are easily obtained through adventuring.

Male Names / Female Names

Halak, Sortan, Kadem, Kasor, Tsoran, Kros, Havaat //// Mezesh, Drushni, Kazja, Kademesh, Vuxor, Malphas


Adulthood: 18 (Barb, Rog, Sorc +1d4) (Ftr, Pld, Rngr, Brd +1d6) (Clr, Drd, Mnk, Wiz +2d6)
Middle Age: 70
Old: 100
Venerable: 115
Maximum Age: +5d20

Racial Traits

  • +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, -2 Strength – the Kajar were created to bring balance to the goblinoid races, being a hardy but conscious folk that could not go to war.
  • Height: Male – 6’1" to 7’8" Female 5’8" to 7’4"
  • Weight: Male ~160 lbs, Female ~135 lbs
  • Vision: Darkvision
  • Skilled: Kajar are hardy, sneaky, and conniving. Simply put, they are determined to get what they want. Kajar have a +2 Racial bonus on Knowledge (History). In addition, either Bluff or Diplomacy (selected at character creation) is a class skill for them.
  • Battle-ready: Regardless of their weaker bodies , Kajar are always aware and perked up for a fight. They receive a +2 to Inititavie rolls.
  • Phalanx Fighter: With tactics adopted from old Hobgoblin regiments and Bugbear clans, Kajar are trained to fight in groups. When using the Aid Another action the aided character recieves an additional +2 on the Attack roll or AC bonus.


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