Hesperia Universalis - Kingmaker

Map and Terrain

Here, have a map of the Stolen Lands.

Question: “Hey, this doesn’t fit on the Baltic Sea at all!”

Answer: Well obviously the cartographers in Hesperia simply haven’t made perfect maps yet. They don’t have the tools we do or the math to make such maps perfectly accurate. So there. Port Ice still corresponds to Gdansk in Poland, New Stetven still corresponds to Warszawa. Skywatch doesn’t really exist in the real world because we didn’t invent magical observatories that suddenly close their doors to all outsiders without any answer.

The map is fairly simplistic , but it gets the point across. Brevoy (Poland-Lithuania) is fairly large and extends in all directions for a good while. It encompassed Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia.

To the south, Osterreich (real-world Austria and the Hapsburg Empire) encompasses The River Kingdoms and the League of Iron (corresponding to the real-world Holy Roman Empire states) that make up much of Hesperia. The wilderness of eastern Hesperia – also called Muldavok – is home to more barbarian tribes and moreso wilderness, with many small lawless kingdoms and territories making up the land.

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