Hesperia Universalis - Kingmaker

Humble Work

We’ve passed the halfway mark. More than halfway, even, since most of the other adventures are only about 3 weeks long apiece. (Or by god I’ll make them 3 weeks long. :B )

Act 1, “Stolen Land” ended with the players establishing their kingdom.
Act 2, “Rivers Run Red,” had the players introduced to the finer points of running a kingdom.
Act 3, “The Varnhold Vanishing,” had the court adventuring once again to uncover the mysteries surrounding Varnhold’s disappearance.

And now, Act 4, “Blood for Blood,” will send the players across The Stolen Lands once again, and a new area of the world map, the Hooktongue Slough, will be unlocked.

There are threats both internal and external; other nations greedily eye your kingdom. To the West, Pitax expands; to the south, the abysmocracy of Oster grows weak and needs conquest. To the North, Brevoy must sever all ties with its former client state; and finally, to the East, horrors of the Dark Tapestry grow in Irrisen and Sylvania.

It’s all in a decade’s work for a party of adventurers and kings!


JetWong JetWong

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